Does your favorite little dog breed create twenty19’s list of the highest 20 little dog breeds?
At the beginning of this year, ITV disbursed a survey of ten,000 individuals to seek out out Britain’s hottest dog breeds for 2019.
The results were broadcast go on a tv programme known as “Britain’s favorite Dogs” by TV presenters mountain Fogle and wife Cox.
They were joined on live TV by countless totally different dogs, to showcase the most effective of their breeds.
I’ve been through the list notice} Britain’s hottest little dog breeds that you’ll find below.

10-Border Terrier

9- Lakeland Terrier

8-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


6-Jack Russell

5-Miniature Daschund


3-Dandie Dinmont Terrier

2-Miniature Schnauzer

1-Mixed Breed


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